Holistic Reflexology Treatments

Wondering what positive effects Holistic Reflexlogy can have on you? Take a look below and see how a reflexology treatment may bring you better health.


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Reflexology can significantly help you to:
* Build up your body's defence against stress and anxiety
* Revitalise and energise your energy levels
* Stimulate and boost your immune system
* Improve the quality of your sleep


Sheila treats many clients for the following conditions


Helps our body to fight stress by balancing its natural energies.
Helps to clear our body of waste and toxins, making it stronger.
Helps bring our body to its natural equilibrium, allowing us to deal with life's problems with ease.

Migraine, Headaches.

Helps to reduce the tension we carry in our body
Helps to bring our body back to a place of natural calm.


A recent study by The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy found that over 81% of people who suffered from moderate to severe migraine and regular headaches reported significant improvement or complete cure of their symptoms after 3 months of weekly reflexology treatment. If you suffer from these types of symptoms, maybe it's time to give reflexology a chance.


Helps to reduce inflammation in the joints.
Helps to reduce pain and stiffness in the joints.
Helps to enhance the immune system to help the body heal itself.


Helps to balance the body at such a critical time, enabling it to deal effectively with the changes in your body.
Helps to free the body of all toxins to keep it as healthy and natural as possible.

Digestion imbalances

Helps to Increase blood flow to the intestines, improving bowel movements
Helps to relieve constipation
Helps to relieve Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Helps to promote regular bowel movement and the clearing of toxins.

Back, shoulder & neck pain.
Helps to reduce the tension we hold in our backs and necks
Helps to relieve the tension we carry in our whole body.
Helps to bring the body back into a place of natural calm.


Helps to improve your hormonal balance bringing about effective outlook changes.
Relaxing qualities helps clients re-assess their lives and focus on the positive aspects.


Reflexology works on two main systems within your body. The nervous system and the lymphatic system. It is through these 2 systems that your body fights against ill health and allows it to restore itself to its natural balance and better health.

The Nervous System

Nerves communicate messages from the central nervous system to all parts of the body, effectively telling the body how to react to what is happening to it. The body is put under more pressure when the system gets blocked or doesn't work as efficiently as it should. When this happens the body is more likely to be vulnerable to illness and stress.


Reflexology stimulates the nerve endings and encourages the neural pathways to allow messages to travel round the body freely to all the organs and systems of the body, so they all work effectively together. This brings the body back into its natural balance allowing it to work as it should.

The Lymphatic System

Our bodies have a natural waste system that cleanses and removes the toxins that are built up over time. When the body comes under pressure this system can malfunction, increasing the toxins in the body making it prone to illness. Reflexology stimulates the lymphatic drainage system allowing a thorough cleanse of the entire body, freeing it from all toxins, giving the body increases energy.


Once your lymphatic and excretory systems get blocked or don't function as efficiently as they should, the amount of toxins and waste matter increases in your body.


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"If you have aches and pains or feel stressed out, I can personally recommend Sheila. She has helped me so much."
  Heather Bardner
"Our feet bear so much and Sheila's reflexology gives comfort and healing to my feet and in consequence to the whole of my being"
– Judith Cole
"Wonderful, calming and deeply relaxing"
– Jenny Baker.
"Sheila's sessions are so calming and soothing that I forgot all of life's concerns and drifted off to sleep. I awoke at the end of the session feeling energized and ready for anything."
– Sue Broadwick
"I went to see Sheila to see if reflexology could improve my arthritis. I must say I was somewhat sceptical and didn't really feel too much after the first treatment. The next morning I woke up feeling better than I had in ages. I've since been going once a fortnight for the last 3 months and all I can say is that I'm a different person. Thank you Sheila"
– Susan Burrows
"From the first treatment I felt so much better, in tune with myself and a sense of greater understanding of my body and what it was telling me. Sheila you're a genius."
– Kate Walsh