The Benefits of Reflexology

Take a look at our guide below and discover how reflexology can help.

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How does it work?

Imagine for a moment the internal workings of your body, Within your body is a zonal chart. Flowing through these zones is your life force, or "Chi."


Each area of your body is connected to a certain part of your feet. Reflexology makes the connection from your feet to each part of your body. The treatment awakens your “chi” and rebalances your body to its natural state. This significantly improves our overall health and helps to combat particular illnesses.


Illness and the everyday stress of our busy lives affect our “Chi.” It can block the natural flow in our bodies. Because every part of our body is represented in certain parts of our feet, reflexology frees up these blockages and helps re-establish the body to its optimum state.


Would you like to see what part of the foot is connected to what part of your body? Check out our reflexology foot chart.

What does this mean?

Once your body returns to it's optimum state, your body will be full of amazing natural energy, making it healthier, and better equipped to fight the causes of illness, injury and stress.


Reflexology helps the body to:
• Effectively remove toxins.
• Restore its natural state.
• Strive for supreme physical and mental health.
• Fight against long-term ailments, disease or stress.


Just like a car that needs an oil change, our bodies need a little help to run the best way they can.

Will it help me?

We take care of many clients who have particular health concerns, injuries or illnesses.


They find significant improvement in their particular symptoms, and a big improvement in their overall health. Many people have found cures for conditions through the natural therapy of reflexology rather than through traditional medicine.


We also have very health conscious clients. They take care of their bodies through exercise and a well-balanced diet. They come to improve their general health by re-balancing their body’s natural equilibrium.


You can find more information about a particular health concern on our treatments page. You can also call Sheila to discuss confidentially your health issues.

When will I feel better?

In most cases, the treatment experience leaves our clients feeling extremely relaxed and calm.


Most people feel an immediate improvement in their overall being and energy levels as quickly as a few hours after their first treatment. Some feel very little on the day of the treatment but significantly better the following day.


On average clients start to feel better after the first session and significantly better after 3 or 4 sessions.

How many treatments are required?

Reflexology is an ongoing process. The journey to detox and to eliminate waste from your body is an on-going one. The early sessions will lay the groundwork of stability and balance for the real long lasting effects to take place.


The number of treatments required will vary according to the nature of your conditions, state of health, sensitivity to the treatment and any lifestyle and dietary changes you make.


Reflexology is a pleasant and relaxing way of helping maintain good health. Many people who experience reflexology continue to have regular treatments after their initial conditions have been treated.


I have now had several sessions and find it relaxing and therapeutic. It has really helped me through my cancer treatment. My first blood test results since I finished chemo and radiotherapy show my cancer has gone and I do feel that the reflexology was an aid in helping my immune system fight the cancer. "
– Linda Brooks
"Sheila's sessions are so calming and soothing that I forgot all of life's concerns and drifted off to sleep. I awoke at the end of the session feeling energized and ready for anything."
– Sue Broadwick
"Our feet bear so much and Sheila's reflexology gives comfort and healing to my feet and in consequence to the whole of my being"
– Judith Cole
"Sheila had such a profound effect on my skin condition. I'd tried so many different medications with no luck. After a couple of sessions with Sheila, my breakouts started to be much less severe and eventually cleaned up all together."
– Janet Taylor
"I went to see Sheila to see if reflexology could improve my arthritis. I must say I was somewhat sceptical and didn't really feel too much after the first treatment. The next morning I woke up feeling better than I had in ages. I've since been going once a fortnight for the last 3 months and all I can say is that I'm a different person. Thank you Sheila"
– Susan Burrows