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Sheila is available on Monday to Friday between 11 AM and 6PM.


Sheila may ask some details on your medical history and about the current issues you may be having. Sheila will offer some thoughts and will only suggest a course of treatments if she feels she can help.


All information that you provide will remain confidential.

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If you did not reach Sheila on your first try, please leave your name and number and she will return your call that day.


If you prefer Sheila to call you back at a particular day or time, please leave the details clearly on your message.


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Take a look at our benefits page and read about what a typical session with Sheila would be like


If you have a foot injury, blood clots, thrombosis, phlebitis or other vascular conditions, please speak to your specialist or GP before you have reflexology.

Reflexology is a complement to standard medical care.


Reflexologists are not qualified to diagnose illnesses nor do they practice medicine or treat specific diseases




"I've felt stressed for so long but since seeing Sheila I've managed to feel much calmer, relaxed and on top of everything in my life. The difference in the way I feel has been amazing"
– Karen Taylor
"Sheila's sessions are so calming and soothing that I forgot all of life's concerns and drifted off to sleep. I awoke at the end of the session feeling energized and ready for anything."
– Sue Broadwick