Reflexology - The Path to Better Health

Remember what it feels like when you return from a relaxing holiday? Remember how fresh and rejuvenated you felt? Holistic reflexology treatments have been described as a 1 hour mini break with all the effects of a two-week holiday.


"From the very first treatment I felt so much better. I felt reinvigorated, balanced and just plain healthier. I was amazed how simple it was to feel this way again" - Katie Curran


Sheila Rees has been helping people to better health through reflexology since 2005.


Call Sheila today on 01727 893329 for a free consultation and discover how hundreds of clients just like you have benefited from Sheila's reflexology. Sheila has helped people overcome issues with stress, depression, migraine headaches, menopause, and digestion inbalances and many other common ailments.


Reflexology is a gentle, natural complimentary therapy that has been proven over centuries to help the body to rid itself of toxins, boost its immune system and to rediscover it's natural balance and find optimal health.


Reflexology has been helping people for decades to overcome the many ailments and illnesses that we come across in our lives. It has been proven to help when traditional medicine haven't. It's the perfect tonic to keep all of us in the best possible health.



"If you have aches and pains or feel stressed out, I can personally recommend Sheila. She has helped me so much."
– Heather Bardner
"From the first treatment I felt so much better, in tune with myself and a sense of greater understanding of my body and what it was telling me. Sheila you're a genius."
– Kate Walsh
"My first blood test results since I finished chemo and radiotherapy show my cancer has gone and I do feel that the reflexology was an aid in helping my immune system fight the cancer. "
– Linda Brooks